Silent Engine
A completely silent electric drive system prevents noise pollution.
Our goal for a cleaner world summed up by our “The Green Future Of Automotives” slogan.
Genuine All-Electric Technology
Up to 90% energy efficiency achieved by technology that allows recharging wherever electrical power is available.
Unrivalled Economy
Cost-efficiencies of up to EUR 1.00  /100 kms travelled.*
World-Class Range
Provides the 400-km range that is the global standard for electric vehicles.
Zero Emissions
No internal combustion engine and no exhaust system mean no emissions or noise pollution.
Approval Certification
The first vehicles to be awarded all-electric vehicle type approval certification in Turkey.
Easy Maintenance
90% more economical than traditional internal-combustion-engine vehicles.
Multimedia Information System
Smartphone app gives you access to your car whenever you want.
Extensive Recharging Network
An extensive network of stations makes it easy to recharge anywhere in Istanbul.
Convenient Recharge
An intelligent battery management system means you can recharge your vehicles wherever there’s access to the power grid.
Different Driving Modes
Three different driving modes compatible with different driving conditions and expectations maximize your driving safety and comfort.